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Tanya Aleksyeyev


Tanya Aleksyeyev is originally from Vitebsk, Belarus and has 12 years of trampoline gymnastics experience at Vitebsk Trampoline School of Olympic Reserve. Tanya competed for the Belarus Junior National Trampoline Championships in individual synchronized and team competitions.

Trampoline is a great training tool to develop acrobatic skills. Trampoline is also sheer fun. Tanya works with kids of all ages to achieve their dreams. She currently teaches tumbling and recreational gymnastics classes and assists in teaching Competitive Team Gymnastics (Levels 1 - 4) at TGGA.

Tanya graduated from Wayne State University with a Master's Degree in Taxation.

Fun Fact:

Trampoline is a competitive Olympic sport in which athletes perform on a trampoline. Trampoline became an Olympic sport in 2000.

Vitebsk Trampoline School is a home school for 2016 Rio Trampoline Olympic Champion Uladzislau "Vlad" Hancharou.

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