Tatiana Gutsu

Current Location: Oakland County, Michigan

Tatiana was born on September 5th, 1976 in a port city of Odessa, Ukraine. Tatiana began practicing gymnastics at the age of five and immediately showed the potential to be a stand out athlete. From her youth, Tatiana never stopped working hard to achieve her dream of becoming an Olympic medalist. 


As a child, Tatiana trained rigorously under renowned coaches Victor Dikii and Tamila Evdokimova. In 1988, Tatiana became a member of the Soviet Union National team and just two years later she became a star when she won five gold medals in the European Championships. 


After a strong start to her young career, Tatiana qualified for the Olympic Games. In 1992, the games were held in Barcelona, Spain and after 11 years of hard work she was ready to perform in the world spotlight. Tatiana brought home the gold in the women's all-around competition and won other various medals, as well. Her gold medal win was the first time the Ukrainian flag had been raised in the history of the Olympics. 


Today, Tatiana resides in Metro Detroit, Michigan where she continues to coach young gymnasts and helps inspire athletes to reach their goals, whatever they may be. It is her goal to help young gymnasts and athletes to become all they can be when it comes to athletic ability.


Tatiana Gutsu is available for personal coaching and appearances.




    1984 Sdushor Championship         
    1985 Sdushor Championship         
    1985 DDVO Championship    
    1986 CA-VMD Jr. Championship    
    1987 Sdushor Championship                                       
    1987 International Cup                  
    1988 VS USSR Championship         
    1988 Jr. Ukrainian Championship                                  
    1988 Jr. International Cup             
    1988 USSR- Germany Cup             
    1989 Jr. USSR Championship         
    1990 Jr. USSR Championship         
    1990 Moscow News                       
    1900 USSR Championship              
    1990 International Tournament     
    1990 Jr. European Championship   
    1990 Goodwill Games                    
    1990 USA-USSR                             
    1990 USSR Cup                             
    1990 World Team- USSR                
    1990 Blum Cup                              
    1991 Stars of the World                 
    1991 Budapest Cup                        
    1991 USSR Nationas                       
    1991 Spain-USSR Cup                     
    1991 Grand Prix                              
    1991 Grand Prix Finals                   
    1991 European Championship         
    1991 Spartakiada Republics of USSR                                
    1991 Italy-USSR Championship       
    1991 World Championship               
    1991 World Team-USSR                   
    1991 Coca-Cola Cup                        
    1991 DTB Cup                                  
    1992 Stars of the World                    
    1992 Imperial Casino                        
    1992 USSR Championship                 
    1992 USSR Nationals                         
    1992 Repablic Nationals                   
    1992 World Championship of Du Monde
    1992 European Championship          
    1992 Olympic Games


Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine

Saint Petersburg      
Frankfurt, Germany  
Lvov, Ukraine            
Hungary, Budapest
Lvov, Ukraine            
Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia     
Tokyo, Japan              
Madrid, Spain            
Salt Lake City, US       
Seattle, US
Belarus, Minsk           
Barcelona, Spain        
Barcelona, Spain       
Moscow, Russia         
Hungary, Budapest    
Donetsk, Ukraine      
Madrid, Spain            
Rome, Italy                
Torino, Italy     
Brussels, Belgium    
Milan, Italy               
Indianapolis, US        
England, London      
Stuttgart, Germany    
Moscow, Russia         
Hungary, Budapest     
Moscow, Russia         
Moscow, Russia      
Moscow, Russia        
Paris, France
Nantes, France           
Barcelona, Spain

Events Competed In





3 All Round
1 All Round
3 All Round
1 All Round
1 All Round


3 All Round
2 All Round, 2 Vault, 1 Uneven Bars, 1 Floor Exercise
1 All Round, 3 Uneven Bars, 1 Floor Exercise


2 All Round, 2 Floor Exercise
2 All Round, 2 Balance Beam,
1 All Round, 1 Vault, 1 Uneven Bars, 1 Balance Beam, 1 Floor Exercise


2 All Round
8 All Round
3 All Round
1 All Round, 1 Vault, 2 Uneven Bars, 2 Balance Beam, 2 Floor Exercise
1 All Round
1 All Round, 1 Team Gold, 2 Vault, 1 Uneven Bars, 2 Floor Exercise
1 All Round
3 All Round
2 Vault, 1 Floor Exercise
1 All Round, 1 Uneven Bars,1 Balance Beam, 1 Floor Exercise
1 All Round, 3 Uneven Bars, 2 Floor Exercise
3 All Round
5 All Round, 1 Team Gold, 2 Uneven Bars, 2 Balance Beam
1 All Round
1 All Round
2 All Round
1 All Round
2 Vault, 2 Balance Beam
1 All Round
1 Team Gold


1 All Round, 1 Vault, 1 Uneven Bars,2 Balance Beam, 3 Floor Exercise
1 All Round, 1 Team Gold, 2 Uneven Bars, 3 Floor Exercise

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