As an Olympic champion, it is now Tatiana's goal to engrain her talents and the experiences she has garnered into the minds of young people everywhere. She aims to inspire young boys and girls to find who they want to be, while also helping them reach their peak athletic ability in the process. 


Tatiana has continued her passion in gymnastics and sports as a coach, advisor and mentor.   


Get involved with one of the finest olympic champions in our lifetime.  

Our Philosophy

TGGA strives to create a safe and challenging environment to support each individual in aspiring to become the best he or she can be, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  This approach enables the gymnast to explore goals beyond their normal comfort level, resulting in independent, confident, and self-assured individuals.



Our mission is to offer the benefits of gymnastics to every individual that participates. Gymnastics teaches perseverance, dedication and develops self-esteem. Each gymnast carries this dedication and applies these lessons through his or her life.  

Mission Statement

Tatiana Gutsu Gymnastics Academy (TGGA) holds a passion for the art and science of movement and skill development through youth fitness and gymnastics. We believe in a quality and enjoyable learning environment that positively encourages and develops the body, mind, and character. With motivation and determination, success is achieved through our parents, our coaches, and our gymnasts as they work together to form a desire, dream, and a vision of success. TGGA is dedicated to provide a solid foundation and unique atmosphere to enhance movement and develop through fitness and gymnastics for toddlers, children, teens to promote lifelong wellness.


MLK DAY - GYM is CLOSED on January 18, 2021




What clients can expect upon return:

  • All TGGA staff will be wearing masks.

  • Social distancing of 6' maintained between staff, guest and students

  • Wash Hand signage has been posted in all common area and restrooms

  • Cleaning of high touch items such as entrance doors, restrooms fixtures, every piece of equipment

  • Disposal trash cans for used mask and gloves within the common area entrance and gym


TGGA Action:

  • We will notify our Property Manager if we will have a confirmed case of an employee, client or student who has been exposed by someone outside of the building community.

  • Clean work areas covering a surface, doorknobs, drawer pulls, phone, keyboard, light switches and equipment

  • Institute an elimination of paper to person delivery contact and concentrate on electronic delivery as well as payments. You would need to provide credit card into the file so we can do that electronically.

  • Social Distancing of 6' maintained between all staff, guest, and students

  • We will create a station area of a workplace with a minimum of 6'


Suggestion to Clients:

  • If you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath and/or been in contact with someone who is sick, we ask that you please reschedule your time of practice.

  • The social distancing of 6' and temperature will be taking at the entrance of the gym upon Drop off

  • Provide mask, sanitizer, towel, baby wipes and water for your child

  • Team parents will need to provide chalk for your child

  • Wear a mask when walking your child to the gym area entrance and about the office and common area

  • Upon arrival, we ask that you wait in your car until you are notified by our staff or me to come inside

  • Thank you for taking those steps to provide safety of everyone


TGGA 2021 Gym Closures

January 18, 2021: MLK, Gym Closed


March 29 - April 4, 2021: Spring Break, Gym Closed


May 31, 2021: Memorial Day, Gym Closed


June 28 - July 4, 2021: Independence Day, Gym closed


September 6, 2021: Labor Day, Gym Closed


November 25 - 27, 2021: Thanksgiving Break, Gym Closed


Dec. 24, 2021 - Jan. 2, 2022: Christmas Break, Gym Closed

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